Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I'm back, and so soon! Don't worry, this isn't about Fun Home; this time I'm here to further your musical theatre education with this lovely new article about Hamilton, which is an absolutely brilliant show (I've written about it before). This article from Vogue is definitely worth reading, and the photos (by Annie Leibovitz) are gorgeous.

Here's the White House video that the article references (I've posted it before, but it's handy to share it again here because it's mentioned in the article, and it does give me chills):
Here I am with the show's brilliant creator/Hamilton:

And with Jonathan Groff (King George III):

I can't wait to see this show again, this time on Broadway (though I worry that it will lose a bit of its charm in a huge Broadway house that holds 1,319 people). I'm so glad I saw the show at the Newman Theater, with a seating capacity of 232 people; it was so intimate, and I loved being able to see the tears on the actors' faces. I'm still excited to see it on Broadway, though; I have tickets for November, but I'd like to see it before then as well.

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