Thursday, February 01, 2007

"You can´t start a fire sitting ´round crying over a broken heart. This gun´s for hire, even if we´re just dancing in the dark. You can´t start a fire worrying about your little world falling apart. This gun´s for hire, even if we´re just dancing in the dark." ~bruce springsteen

The video for that song is pretty hilarious. It was made in the year that I was born (22 years ago), so I guess it's not surprising that times have changed and modern viewers are bound to expect slightly different things from a music video. The funniest part about it is Courteney Cox Arquette (she was just Courteney Cox back then). She was only 19 years old when she filmed it and it was her big break. Check out her dance moves in the video.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
has a release date! July 21st, 2007. They're not releasing it on 7/7/07 like some people originally expected because that's the anniversary of the London bombings. I can't wait for it. Although it's strange; I almost don't want it to come out because then I won't be able to look forward to it anymore. After I've finished reading each Harry Potter book so far, there has always been another one to look forward to. After this one, there won't be any more to wait for or to speculate about. And that makes me a little sad.

I taught my own lessons for the first time today and everything went well. The kids in both classes actually payed attention for most of the time (I had to wake one kid up three times, but that's not unusual). They responded to me and I think most of them absorbed the information. Before the lesson I asked them to write to me and tell me whatever they want me to know about them. They could write about themselves (hobbies, family, etc.), what they want to accomplish in this class, how I can help them accomplish their goals, what their future plans are, or anything else. I got some good responses. Here are a few quotes pulled from their letters:

"I want us to like each other and work good together. :-) Love you, Big Bird! P.S. I'll visit you a lot, get ready. :-) I think your going to be AMAZING! Don't let the uninvolved class discourge you."
~I know I'm not supposed to have favorites, but of course all teachers do, and she's mine. People really do call her Big Bird. I'm not sure why. She's tall and has blonde hair, so that might have something to do with it. She's such a sweetheart. Hardly anyone talks in the class that she's in, but I can always count on her for a response, even if it's not a serious one. She's a cheerleader and she always is overflowing with energy. She's friendly and outgoing and talkative and honest and totally uninhibited and it's impossible not to like her. She's struggling in English class, though. I really want to help her do well.

"Big Bird is wierd."
~from her friend

"I love playing basketball, drawing, music, and of course yoga. My favorite yoga position is downward facing dog if you were interested. I don't play any instruments but I like to act like I do."
~This guy is another one of my favorites. He's a good-looking, hilarious, athletic, African-American boy who seems to be the "leader" of his class. I can always count on him for a response. He is definitely not someone I would have pegged to be interested in yoga, and I can't tell if he's serious about that or not.

"Welcome to the Jungle!"

"I don't see my dad much because he's married to a whore."
~This girl is another hilarious one. I wish I could type her whole letter here because it's just so funny. She isn't afraid to say exactly what's on her mind.

There are tons of great responses that I'm not typing. There are so many different personalities in the classes, and the range of interests is huge. I love all the kids, and I loved reading about their lives.

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Heather said...

oh, claire -- that made my morning! it sounds like you have quite a class :)