Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Gah, I have so much I want to post about. Where do I start? I'll do a list.

1. UCB. Del Close Marathon. I only got to see two improv shows, but boy were they awesome ones. First Nicole and I saw Gravid Water because it's our fave. I'll let you read the explanation of Gravid Water and take a look at the cast. It included Olivia Wilde in a scene with her husband, Jason Sudeikis, as well as Rachel Dratch, Michael O'Brien, Krysta Rodriguez, and lots more awesome actors and improvisors. It was hilarious.

On the last night of the marathon I saw ASSSSCAT 3000 with three of UCB's four founding members (Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, and Ian Roberts). Amy Schumer(!) was the monologist, and there were some other awesome people in the cast, incuding Horatio Sanz and Jason Montzoukas. Honestly, though, I was most excited for Amy P. I've seen her in person a bunch of times and it's always a thrill. I adore her.

2. Concerts. I've been to quite a few concerts about which I haven't posted here. I'll start with my favorite, though. You probably know I'm obsessed with Counting Crows. They're one of my top three bands (along with The National and U2). Last week I saw them play at Central Park Summerstage for the second time, and they were absolutely fantastic. They've been together for more than twenty years, and right now they honestly sound like they're at the top of their game. Their new album comes out September 2nd (available for presale today) and they played a bunch of new songs which made me very excited for the record to be released. I got a front row center spot (I got in line at 11am and was first in line), and I got a setlist at the end of the show! It was a great setlist, too. Just look at this. They had me at "Sullivan Street." Seriously, is there a better opener than "Sullivan Street?" No, no there is not. And there's not a better closer than "Holiday in Spain."
 I have tons of photos, which I'll eventually post on my shutterfly site so I don't overload the blog with them. I'll just post this. I unapologetically and sincerely have a huge crush on AD.
I filmed video of much of the concert, so I'll post my playlist. I think they're pretty good videos, despite my occasional singing. The new songs are posted first. Trust me, they're worth watching/listening to. Put it on full screen and enjoy a mini-concert. I can't stop watching. 

I have more to write about (concerts, Fourth of July), but I guess I'll save it for later. I'll just post a picture from the 4th.