Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Sleeping is giving in, no matter what the time is. Sleeping is giving in, so lift those heavy eyelids." ~the arcade fire

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Check out the cover of NME's current issue:
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Do you see who's on the cover? The Arcade Fire, with the title "The Second Coming of the World's Greatest Band." The World's Greatest Band. How frakkin' awesome is that?! I don't know if I can agree that they're the world's greatest band, but they are most definitely among the top 5 bands in the world (in my humble opinion), and they deserve all possible recognition for their music. I LOVE The Arcade Fire. I can't tell you how excited I am for Neon Bible. I preordered it a couple of months ago, and it finally comes out next month. It seems like I've been waiting forever. I've actually decided to avoid listening to the leaked copy, which is killing me, but I think it'll be worth it when I get the real CD and I can listen to it for the first time with great sound quality in all its glory. The album has already gotten fabulous reviews. Hot Press said, "The Arcade Fire are unquestionably the real deal. And to prove it they’ve now thrown in another contender for ‘best record of the decade’." Yeah, that's right, best record of the decade. The Sunday Tribune said, "It is impossible in 100 words to convey the brilliance of this Montreal six-piece's sophomore album....There is not one flaw here." I could go on quoting, but I'll spare you (I know I've already rambled about The Arcade Fire on this blog before). It just really excites me.

I'm teaching Paradise Lost to my kids now. Yesterday I started it with two of my classes, and it was an absolute disaster. They didn't understand it at all. Today was better, though; I changed the lesson around, and today's class actually seemed to "get it," although we moved a lot slower. I started teaching in my drama class this week, and that seems to be going okay. The focus is on acting, with which I have no experience, but I think (hope) it sounds like I know what I'm talking about.

On Friday I leave for Georgia! Our synchro team is competing in Regionals there. I'm excited. My grandparents are coming to watch, which I think is really sweet. Hopefully it'll be really warm there.

Today one of the AP kids asked if I was married. Heh. I got a laugh out of that. Usually the problem is that I seem too young. Now some kids are assuming that I'm married.


Heather said...

ok - so I am definitely going to have to check out that group/CD. my musical knowledge is pathetic, so I will learn through you!

glad day 2 of PL went better -- I'm sure that's tough to teach. Too bad you can't teach Pullman instead!

Claire said...

Ohmygosh, if you're not familiar with Arcade Fire, go listen to Funeral. It's an absolutely brilliant album. And if you like that, wait for Neon Bible to come out!

Heather said...

oh gosh -- ok well i will then! (as soon as I get out of this fricking library basement!)

hope your week is going well!

Heather said...

hope regionals went well!!! I'll want an update :) but I'm sure you've got lots to do when you get back, so I'll try to be patient ;) good luck w/ the lesson planning and such -- you've got it.