Monday, February 26, 2007

"A long time ago, we used to be friends..." ~the dandy warhols

Random post for my TV-obsessed readers: there's something else I've wanting to mention just because it really pissed me off and I feel like venting. I'm mad at Rob Thomas (the creator of Veronica Mars). He killed off my favorite character (besides Veronica, of course) last week. Not cool, Rob, not cool. Couch Baron, who is also upset (like most fans are), explains his frustration:
I'll keep this short: I think this death was totally lame. It's not that I don't respect a show that's willing to kill off a main character in an unexpected way, because I do. That's the sort of stuff that can keep television fresh. And I think integrating Lamb into the college setting hasn't really worked all that well, so for that reason alone I can get behind the decision to get rid of him. It's just that the way the death occurred was totally pointless. Sure, officers of the law die like this all the time. That's completely irrelevant: as this and other programming demonstrates to us all the time, just because it happens in real life doesn't automatically make it good drama. As much as this show strives for continuity, it isn't vérité. I doubt there's going to be any fallout from Lamb's death, I don't think any character is going to be the slightest bit affected by it after this episode, and I don't think there's any lesson the show wants us to learn here. I mean, Landry seems to be pushing the idea that Veronica's too good for the PI game, which could be interesting. But rather than force her to make that decision herself, the show's giving her an easy way out by breaking up Mars Investigations. So beyond a little shock value, what do we get out of this, other than Keith becoming sheriff, which frankly I don't see the need for? Very little, and I think it's a shame to give a popular and hardworking regular such a crappy sendoff. It feels rushed and lacking in intention. I mean, I had no problem with the show giving Teddy Dunn such a nice sendoff, but would it have been too much to ask to do something decent for Muhney, who's ten times the actor? It makes you think the writers never really knew what they had there, which is quite a shame.
CB is totally right; Michael Muhney was one of the best actors on that show, and he was incredibly under-appreciated. He also promoted the heck out of the show, moreso than most of the other actors. He didn't deserve to be killed off that way. It was pointless and unfair and stupid, and now the fans are angry (and rightfully so). Michael has been really classy about the whole thing and hasn't spoken up about it. Hopefully someone else will realize how talented he is and scoop him up and make him a star.

Another TV-related item:
During the last two episodes of Grey's Anatomy, there was some seriously good acting going on. Patrick Dempsey definitely got his Emmy FYC episode submission last week, and it very well might be enough to score him a win. His scene with Kate Walsh was particularly good. But I was especially excited to see Kyle Chandler and Jeffrey Dean Morgan back for a couple of eps. I love JDM. I was offered a job as a PA on a movie he was in last fall and I seriously wanted to take off school to go make the movie. He's so charming and gorgeous; I just had to take a screen cap of him.
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Okay, that's enough TV-related rambling for now. I need to do plan some lessons.

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