Sunday, February 18, 2007

"I've been up all night, and I might sleep all day. Get your dreams just right, and let 'em slip away. I might sleep all day." ~counting crows

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They should have made that song a single. I think I've said that before here, but it's true. There was a petition on the old CCMB to get the band to make it a single. It didn't work, obviously.

Synchro initiation #2 was a lot of fun. Here's a picture of me and my family (my new little, my other little, me, and my little's little):
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I ended up throwing up in the middle of my living room, though. That wasn't fun. I managed to catch most of the vomit with my hands. Gross, I know. I'm sure you really wanted to hear that detail. I didn't even feel drunk. Aren't I such a good head captain? Don't I set such a great example for my girls? Ugh. They were all great about it, though. And we did have a great time together. Some other people embarrassed themselves as well, but I won't share the details.
I'll miss synchro so much after I graduate. I only have one week left of synchro, actually. We leave for Georgia on Friday, and when we come back next Sunday my season will be over. Synchro has been a huge part of my college life; I'm so glad I tried it. I don't like thinking about not being on the team.

Now I really need to get down to work. I have to make up a study guide and a test for my 17th century poetry unit, start planning my Lord of the Flies unit, and work on my drama lesson plans (which I start teaching this week). I just feel like going back to bed, though.

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