Monday, February 19, 2007

"I've got everything that you want. I've got everything, and someday I'll be President." ~counting crows

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I know I used that opening lyric recently (I posted a freakin' paragraph on how I love the way he sings the word "President"), but it's appropriate today.

My Presidential Hottie Soulmate is:
James Madison - the Emo President

"Maybe he was a little short, a little moody, a little sickly, but the man had a mind like a steel trap -- all the better for remembering anniversaries or your favorite pizza toppings or what song was playing the moment you first met. He was sensitive and brilliant, and you guys could have stayed up 'til 4 am just talking and talking and talking and never once gotten bored. Even better, he was totally laid back in his relationship -- his wife Dolley was the number one party girl of her time, and he totally let her be herself even though he was more into, well, politics. He was one of those stealth hotties -- the kind where first you're like "Madison? Yeah, he's cool. He's super interesting." Then eventually you're like, "I love that guy. He's my best friend." And then, one day you wake up and you love him to the depths of your soul and can't live without him."
Of course I'm not surprised that I got "The Emo President" (I'm totally into emo), but I didn't realize that would be James Madison!
Thanks to Gen for alerting me to this quiz.
Happy President's Day!

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