Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"If the children don't grow up, our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up. We're just a million little gods causin' rain storms, turnin' every good thing to rust. I guess we'll just have to adjust." ~the arcade fire

I may have written about this before, but I don't care because I just listened to that song and it's in my mind now and I feel like writing about it. Seeing U2 live in concert has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life; I've seen them 3 times, and the 3d time was the best. It was in Madison Square Garden, and I had an impossible-to-get GA floor ticket. I was on the railing in the front row around the ellipse. That day I waited outside in line for about 10 hours so that I could get a good spot. While we were standing inside the arena waiting for the concert to start, my legs hurt and I was tired and still thawing (because it was late November and it was cold and windy outside and I had spent 10 hours out there). But when that song, The Arcade Fire's Wake Up, started playing, I can't even describe the feeling that came over me. That's the song that played right before U2 came onstage at each concert on their Vertigo tour. So the song started playing and the crowd went crazy because we were all insane U2 fans and all knew that the band would be coming out next. We all sang along, because of course we all knew all of the words. I know I just used the word "all" quite a few times in the last two sentences, but it's appropriate because there was a feeling of inclusiveness, like we all were feeling the same thing and wanted to shout it out together. Chanting that opening refrain (I would write it but it's basically just chanting notes and I don't know how to write that) in unison with 20,000 people in the greatest arena in the greatest city in the world was just so cool. The song was perfectly chosen by U2 to open their show; it perfectly encapsulated the audience's anticipation and excitement. And then suddenly Bono was directly in front of me (he started the show on the ellipse right in front of where I was standing) and confetti was falling all over us and I was just so filled with joy that I thought my heart was going to explode. It's amazing what music can do. So whenever I hear the song Wake Up, I think of how I felt as that U2 concert started.

The Arcade Fire is releasing a new album soon, and I can't wait. It's called Neon Bible. If it's anywhere near the quality of Funeral, it'll be fabulous. A release date hasn't been officially announced but most people are guessing late March. The album is finished already.

Today I went shopping with Kim and my mom. We spent almost 3 hours at Loehmann's (sp?) and hardly bought anything. Then we decided to check out this really cheap store called Shopper's World, which my mom described as a clothing version of the dollar store. There were no dressing rooms so Kim and I went to the back of the infant section, hid behind some clothing racks, and tried on everything. It was pretty funny. It was a good day.

Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful 2007!

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