Sunday, January 14, 2007

"Heaven's waiting on down the tracks. Oh oh come take my hand, riding out tonight to case the promised land. Oh oh Thunder Road, oh Thunder Road, oh Thunder Road." ~bruce springsteen

I blasted Bruce Springsteen during most of my drive back to Richmond today. When you're driving down the New Jersey turnpike, Springsteen's music is definitely the best music you can listen to. It captures the soul of NJ. Don't laugh, that's not supposed to be funny. NJ has a soul. Here's a quote from Bono about how Springsteen inspired him: "Springsteen had filled my head with all kinds of images of America, and particularly New Jersey, the shoreline, Atlantic City, all that kind of funfair, boardwalk America." If you're from NJ, you have to love The Boss. He makes us proud to be New Jerseyans. He's brilliant.

I'm back at school. It's good to see my apartmentmates again. Tomorrow I have student teaching training, and then on Tuesday I head out to the high school. Luckily I get to ease into teaching a little bit. I'm excited to meet my cooperating teacher and the kids. Can I call them kids if they're 18 years old?

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Heather said...

good luck!