Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Cause institution's like a big bright lie, and it blinds you into fear and consuming and fight. And you've been in the desert underneath the charging sky. It's just you and God, but what if God's not there? But his name is on your dollar bill, which just became cab fare." ~jenny lewis with the watson twins

I'm pretty tired today so I don't feel like writing a lot. But after another good day of student teaching, I have more fun quotes. I'm not sure they're all that funny (some might be "you had to have been there" situations), but I'll post them anyway.

The first one was written (and not spoken) by a student, in an essay:
"At the end of Macbeth, Malcolm is in his rifle place." (my teacher is assuming that by "rifle" the student meant "rightful." Not so much funny as scary, actually.)

In one of the AP English classes, the students were asked to write down what central question they believe Hamlet poses. One answer (remember, this is an AP student):
"Is life better when you're alive or when you're dead?"

Some quotes from AP students during class discussion:
"Hamlet was whack."
"You can't just go around killing people all willy-nilly."
"At the end everyone's dead, and you're just like, Dang!"

Each class definitely consists of a colorful group of students. They're funny, aren't afraid to speak their minds, and seem to have a great, comfortable rapport with their teacher and each other. I hope I'll be able to ease into their world without much trouble. I think I will; they all seem like good, accepting, friendly kids.

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Heather said...

oh, that's just glorious... wow... thanks for the laugh and hang in there!