Tuesday, July 06, 2010

"But I am older now and we did it when we were young. I am older now and we did it when we were young." ~the gaslight anthem

I spent the past five days staying with my friend Kim's family in NJ where I grew up. Our families used to spend the 4th of July together every year, so I decided to continue the tradition. It was a really, really good weekend. I was glad I managed to hit the highlights the area. Thursday was spent in classic Princeton haunts (lunch at Winberie's, ice cream at Halo Pub). On Friday Kim and I went to Great Adventure and rode all the roller coasters; we got there early, so we never had to wait more than 10 minutes in line. Then we went on a shopping spree at the Jackson outlets (and spent way too much money). Saturday morning was spent berry picking, and the afternoon was devoted to baking and games. On Sunday a bunch of people came over for a barbecue (there were 16 of us), and it was lovely. On Monday we stayed inside and played games because it was 102 degrees outside and we didn't want to leave the house. Monday night Matt and I headed back into the city. Kim's mom is an incredibly good cook, so I was spoiled while I stayed there; she fed me very well. I also appreciated the air conditioning. They keep their house very cold, and it was fabulous. The company was the best part, though.

Picspam (I may post more later because Kim has many more than I do, but who knows when she'll send them to me):

Picking raspberries (my favorite fruit):
Our crop:
Our delicious homemade chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting (decorated with our freshly picked fruit):
My patriotic nails:
Red, white, & blue (yeah, we went all-out):
A deer wandering into the backyard, wanting to join the festivities:
Out in Princeton one night:

It was a crazy fun weekend.

NEXT UP: Report from the She & Him concert at Terminal 5 last night. Which was amazing. Stay tuned. That post will be up later today.

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