Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"And the lonesome all understand, with the choirs in my head. And we were orphans before we were ever the sons of regret." ~the gaslight anthem

So you know how yesterday I said I was going to this Author Event today? I can't even tell you how wonderful it was. First there was a luncheon before the actual event started. I saw Liz Welch when I walked in and kept sneaking glances at her because, well, she's awesome. Finally I worked up the courage to approach her when she was standing alone, and I am SO glad I did. She was incredibly kind and friendly. She signed a copy of her book for me, and then we actually talked for a good amount of time. I had an actual conversation with her; we talked about teaching, and about the new book she's working on (which I cannot wait to read)...I was so in awe of her that I'm sure I was an inarticulate idiot, but she was just so affable that it didn't seem to matter. She even mentioned me in her speech during the event. Isn't it refreshing when people you admire and look up to are just as wonderful in person as you'd hoped they would be? I told her I liked Amanda the best, but now Liz is definitely my favorite Welch.
Here's the title page in my copy of The Kids Are All Right: The other speakers were also quite interesting. I'm especially excited to read Wes Moore's The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates now. He was charming and I think I'm going to love his book. And I actually have time to read it now that I'm on summer vacation!

The summer has only just begun, and already I'm on cloud nine.

The only thing bringing me down at the moment is the news that Party Down was canceled. It's such a good show; it's a shame that no one watched it.

I'm heading to my hometown in NJ tomorrow and am staying with Kim through the weekend, so I'll probably post again on Monday after I'm back in the city (with 4th of July pictures). :)

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a writer happy to meet you, that's cool!