Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"And we're sitting in the rain, and we're feeling like the weather. You could say that we're alone, but we're lonely together. We're all in it together now as we all fall apart. And we're swapping little pieces of our broken little hearts." ~dr. dog

Kim and I went ice skating on Saturday. I love ice skating and I'm not bad at it, but I'm certainly no expert. I tried skating backwards and looked like a baby bird trying to fly for the first time.

Kim certainly didn't fare any better.

We had fun.

I got to help Kim's family decorate their Christmas tree, which I enjoyed because it was my only opportunity to decorate a tree this year. This is how it looked after we put up one box of decorations; there were still two boxes left.

Some random, unrelated stuff:

The Golden Globe nominees. Oh, the Golden Globes. I had to laugh at the movie noms. Burlesque?!?! The Tourist?!?! Seriously?!?! Johnny Depp nominated twice (and undeserving both times, even though I love him)? Oh my goodness. There are a bunch of other crazy noms that I can't even believe. But the one thing that made me really, really happy was Piper Perabo. Seriously, I'm over the moon about her nomination for Best Actress in a TV Drama. I love Covert Affairs and I love her performance as Annie, and I am SO glad she was recognized.

Next random topic: tonight I went to a screening of True Grit. It was surprisingly hilarious, but it's also one that I probably won't watch again soon because it hit me pretty hard. That's not a bad thing, it's just not something I need to experience again right away. I cried. I love the Coen Brothers, I really do. And I love Jeff Bridges (who is incredibly entertaining in this). And Matt Damon (also entertaining). But the stand-out is Hailee Steinfeld. Please give this girl an Oscar. Really.


Anonymous said...

LOL the little bird !
I can't listen to the music .It says "you aren't logged in" How can I do it?

Claire said...

Sorry, that's weird, I don't know why! I'll investigate.

Claire said...

Okay, hopefully all the songs should work now. Thanks for letting me know!

Anonymous said...

it works now. Thanks !
Love this song!