Sunday, April 18, 2010

"So drink your fill, pretty baby. And drink down that whiskey sea. And drink your fill, my darling, but save the angel's share for me. If I were drowning, baby, drowning in your deep blue sea, if you want to rescue someone, well, please don't rescue me." ~doveman

I'm testing something here; hopefully it works. Listen to these gorgeous tracks by Doveman from his album The Conformist. Doveman (Thomas Bartlett) often collaborates with The National (I've seen him perform with them), and of course he's on their new record High Violet. In turn, members of The National are featured on Doveman's The Conformist. In these two gorgeous tracks, you can hear Matt Berninger (lead singer of The National) singing. I LOVE how their voices mix together. Doveman's soft, breathy voice is perfectly supported by Berninger's gravely baritone, and it's absolutely beautiful.

Angel's Share (by Doveman, featuring Matt Berninger:

The Best Thing (by Doveman, featuring Matt Berninger:

And if you haven't listened to the new tracks by The National in my previous post, scroll on down. Or if you have, listen to them again.

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