Friday, April 02, 2010

"Now we'll leave the silver city, 'cause all the silver girls gave us black dreams. Leave the silver city to all the silver girls, everything means everything." ~the national

Since I transcribed all the lyrics to all the songs on The National's new album, I feel like I have to use them somewhere. Although I'm not sure about a lot of them. But I am sure about the above one. It's from "Conversation 16," which is beautiful.

This'll mostly be a picspam post because I don't have that much time and I'm being distracted right now.

First of all, on Monday I went to see Josh Gomez at a meet&greet at the NBC store. I was first in line (really early), and a FF friend joined me. It was nice to have someone to wait with, and it was nice that it was someone who is as in love with Chuck as I am. I liked being able to have an intelligent conversation about the show with someone. Josh was really, really nice. I love him. And he's been awesome in the last few episodes. On Wednesday morning I left NY to visit my grandparents in Columbia, S.C. Right now it's 92 degrees. It's incredibly hot, but right now I love that. I've sat out in the sun a few times (and have ended up drenched in sweat).
Yesterday Gran and I went on a train ride with a group of her friends. I was the youngest person there by about 50 years. All of her friends are very nice, though. We rode in the car with two women from Milldegeville, GA who knew Flannery O'Connor. My grandmother went to the same college as Flannery and knows everything about her. It was amazing to listen to the three of them talk about her. It gave me an insider's view into the life of one of the most brilliant writers ever. I loved listening to them.

Today we went to the state museum. They had a special exhibit on pirates. I had fun, and it was quite interesting.

We also drove past the hospital in which I was born and looked at a mural that I love painted right next to the hospital.
I'll be here through Easter, and it's the perfect place to be right now. All the trees and flowers are blooming this week and the city is gorgeous. The weather is beautiful. I'm not looking forward to returning to NY and going back to work.

I'm ending with a message that the awesome Josh Gomez was nice enough to share for us.

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