Tuesday, April 06, 2010

"And these days I feel like I'm fading away, like sometimes when I hear myself on the radio. Have you seen me lately? Have you seen me lately? I was out on the radio starting to change. Somewhere out in America, it's starting to rain. Could you tell me one thing you remember about me, and have you seen me lately?" ~counting crows

Counting Crows sing the best covers. Seriously, their version is usually better than the original version of the song they're covering. So I put together a playlist of my favorite cover performances by Counting Crows. There are a lot more that I wish I could have included, but I decided to focus on my favorites. Bookmark this post or something, because you'll want to come back and listen to this. Just turn it on when you're doing something else and soak in the brilliance. They choose the best bands to cover, too. Scroll through the list below and you'll see songs by Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Jackson Browne, The Ramones, The Cure, Van Morrison, The Grateful Dead, Lou Reed, Sparklehorse, Bob Seger, and more.

Just an FYI, some of these aren't technically 'Counting Crows' performances. In the first song (which I can't stop listening to), AD is singing with Dan from Augustana. Some songs are from The Traveling Circus and Medicine Show tour this summer (feat. Augustana and Michael Franti & Spearhead). Some others are from Shim Sham shows, so those are technically "The Devil and the Bunny Show." Most are from "Under the Covers," which is CC. But anyway, all the songs feature AD singing and are fabulous. Now begin listening and enjoy.

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