Sunday, October 07, 2012

 "I'm not here looking for absolution, because I found myself an old solution. I'm not here looking for absolution, because I found myself an old solution." ~florence + the machine

This is my fall TV post. Here's my initial take on the season's new shows as well as my returning faves.

New Shows:

The new show I'm most excited about is Nashville, which premieres this Wednesday. Based on everything I've read, it seems like it'll be the new biggest hit. It'll be weird to see Connie Britton as someone other than Tami Taylor/Mrs. Coach (oh, how I miss Friday Night Lights), but I love her and am sure she'll be amazing. And I generally love anything in which T Bone Burnett is involved. This show looks like it's right up my alley, and I'm super excited to see it.

Elementary: I'm surprised at how much I like this one. The chemistry between Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller makes this modern day Sherlock Holmes tale (set in NYC) worth watching.

Ben and Kate: I wish this show were on during a different timeslot, because I think it's a cute show and would like to stick with it. Right now, though, I already watch Hart of Dixie at that time and probably won't be able to keep up with Ben and Kate. But I like the relationship between this pair of adult siblings, and Maggie Elizabeth Jones is absolutely adorable as Kate's daughter (and she's not too precocious, which I appreciate).

The Mindy Project: This is another sitcom about which I'm cautiously optimistic. Mindy Kaling is a smart, hilarious writer who has created a flawed lead character you can't help but root for. The supporting cast is really strong, too (I love Anna Camp and Chris Messina).

The New Normal: Meh. I wanted to like this show because it stars so many people I've seen onstage (Andrew Rannells, Justin Bartha, Ellen Barkin), but most of the characters seem like two-dimensional stereotypes. Although I do have to give the show props for honoring Grey Gardens in one episode! I loved that.

Go On: Here's another one I want to like because of the cast (I like Matthew Perry, and I love theater vets Julie White and Laura Benanti). I'll stick with it for awhile, but it hasn't really grabbed me yet.

Revolution: It's hard to tell now where this will go, but I like it so far. Billy Burke is the standout for me, and it's an interesting premise. I'm really curious to see where Elizabeth Mitchell's storyline is going, and curiosity is a good thing.

666 Park Avenue: Another "meh." I like the cast, we'll see where it goes.

Returning Shows (no spoilers included):

Homeland, Homeland, Homeland. This is my favorite show ever. I seriously think it might be the best TV show ever made. Have I talked about the Emmys yet? I watched them with Nicole and I think I scared her with my insane excitement at all of Homeland's wins. I mean, the show won best drama series in it's first year of eligibility (stealing the crown from Mad Men, which had won four years in a row). Of course Claire Danes won for best actress (that was a given). I didn't think I could love her more than I already did, but her acceptance speech managed to convince me otherwise. "Mandy Patinkin, holla!" Oh, Claire. I wish I could work that phrase into all of my conversations. "Mandy Patinkin, holla!" indeed. But I really lost it when Damian Lewis won best actor in a drama series; that was an upset I never could have predicted (everyone thought the race was between Bryan Cranston, who was three for three in that category, and Jon Hamm, who has never won for Mad Men but whom many considered deserving). I literally jumped up from the couch and screamed in joy. So anyway, Homeland won big at the Emmys and I believe the show was 100% deserving. This season is already off to a riveting start (and I've heard the third episode brings the show to new heights, if that's even possible).

Revenge: I have the season 1 DVD and rewatched the entire first season before this season began in preparation. It was great to be reminded of everything I love about this show. My favorite thing about it is the relationship between Emily and Nolan, and I can't wait to see more of their scheming in season 2. I'm especially excited about Jennifer Jason Leigh joining the show.

Parenthood: I'm surprised that the storyline I'm enjoying the most so far this season is Julia and Joel's. I want to see more of how Victor is fitting into their family. I like Ray Romano's character, although I'm wary of his growing relationship with Sarah.

Grey's Anatomy: I'm not sure why I still watch this show; I guess it's just a habit that I can't break. It seems silly to give up at this point. I'm just sick of all the disasters and deaths and catastrophes.

Scandal: I'm liking this season so far. They manage to dole out information at a good pace; they give you just enough and still manage to keep you interested and curious.

Hart of Dixie: I really liked Lemon in this season's premiere, and I think (hope) she'll have a good arc this season. I'm a bit annoyed at how the love triangle (square?) from last season's finale was "resolved," but I still am eager to see what happens.

The Amazing Race: The twins! I love the twins! They're hilarious!

Survivor: I like this season so far! I'm on Team Denise; I'd love to see her win. She reminds me of my mom (I realize in some ways they're very different, but I see similarities).

Chuck has left a gaping hole in my TV life, but I'm managing.

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