Friday, December 15, 2006

"In the light of the sun, is there anyone? Oh it has begun, Oh dear you look so lost. Eyes are red and tears are shed, this world you must have crossed." ~augustana

One final exam left! I finished my Instructional Design portfolio, which was huge. I hate writing lesson plans; I'm so glad to be finished with that class. Then I turned in my history take-home final yesterday morning. It was 16 pages, which I'm pretty sure was waaaaaay too long, but oh well. So now all I have left is American Lit. on Monday. I can't make myself study for it. I am SO ready to go home.

Veronica called me today and asked if I wanted to work at an MTV shoot on Monday if I was home. I hated having to turn her down; I'll be taking a final exam when I could be on set making some money at a shoot in New York. Arg! Stupid finals!

Last night I had a crazy fun experience. It was Kristen's birthday, and 8 of us participated in an event that she's been talking about for awhile. It involved running across the Westhampton Green at 2:00am. And it felt very liberating. That's all I'll say. Here we are preparing for the big event (Joy's face is priceless):
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Heather, if you happen to read this, I've been trying to comment on your blog for days now but it won't let me. So anyway, I hope grammar went well (I'm sure you aced it), and let me know if you want to study for American Lit. this weekend!

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Anonymous said...

ACK! did you streak? wow that's fabulous, if so...

hmm.. blog issues, eh? weird, and sad... I don't know what that could mean... I could go for some studying - maybe that would motivate me... b/c right now I really don't care! congrats on finishing all of that work! let me know about studying, i guess?...