Saturday, December 09, 2006

"Hello sunshine, come into my life." ~super furry animals

Yesterday my mood improved exponentially. I had been grouchy, depressed, angry, cranky...basically, since Thanksgiving break, I had been feeling pretty much every negative emotion you can name. And yesterday it all turned around. I turned in my English seminar paper and my education journal, I had my last real college class as an undergrad (I'm student-teaching next semester), I performed in my last synchro holiday show (which went very well), I got to see my mom, and I realized how many people care about me. At the holiday show, two of the kids I babysit came to cheer me on. They made signs that said things like, "I Love You, Claire!" and "Go Claire! Go Claire! Go Claire!" and they danced and cheered all through the show. They were adorable. A bunch of my friends came as well, which made me so happy. Even though I probably haven't been a very good friend and roommate in the past few weeks, my roommates and friends came to support me, and it meant a lot.

I suppose I should start thinking about finals now. *sigh.* I'll leave you all with this picture of my lovely synchro family.
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Anonymous said...

glad things are looking up, claire - hang in there and let me know if you want to "review" for Am. Lit.... hmmmm... in the meantime, I'll be studying for Grammar - ha.