Sunday, May 11, 2014

Can we please just give Tatiana Maslany every single award there is? Or give her an Emmy and a Golden Globe for every character she plays on Orphan Black (that's eight so far, right??). Someone make that happen, please. I'm more in awe of her after every episode; last night's was fantastic. That reunion in the last scene? OMG.

Work has been keeping my busy and exhausted lately, but I've tried to find time for fun. I went to the American Comedy Awards recently, which was a lot of fun. I love Amy Poehler so it was fun to watch her running around and interacting with everyone. She really does know everyone (or if she doesn't, she greets them warmly anyway). She gave lots of hugs and took lots of selfies. At one point, soon before the award for Best Comedy TV Series was announced, I noticed her sneaking around the room (during the ceremony). She went to Patrick Stewart, Key & Peele, Seth Rogen, Matt Walsh...she snuck up to each of their tables, knelt down, and chatted with them for a few minutes before moving on to her next table. I was very curious about what she was doing. I soon learned; she was recruiting them all to participate in this:

How adorable is Patrick Stewart?? By the way, one thing I loved about being there was that they cut out a LOT for the TV broadcast. I got to see her whole heartfelt, funny, uncut speech.

I love this speech even more, though. She gives a shout-out to the balcony, where I was sitting.

Here are a few (crappy cell phone) photos I took. She was there with Aubrey Plaza (April on Parks and Rec), and I took the photo of them together as Aubrey's category was being announced because it was sweet.

I have more fun stuff coming up this week; I'm attending the season 2 premiere of Orange is the New Black (at the Ziegfeld), so I'm excited about that because I love the show and I love premieres (movie/TV stars, free popcorn and soda, a fancy theater...what's not to love?). I'm also seeing a couple of shows (like Hedwig!), so I'll report back.

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