Wednesday, February 09, 2011

"Oh, my sweet Carolina. What compels me to go? Oh, my sweet disposition. May you one day carry me home." ~ryan adams

Ryan Adams:

Adam Duritz (solo):

This song kills me. Is it because I'm a Carolina girl (I was born in South Carolina and it's one of my absolute favorite places in the world)? Is it because it's just a freakin' gorgeous song? I love the harmony of Ryan Adams' and Emmylou Harris' voices. And Adam Duritz's cover of this song is amazing. He covers a lot of Ryan Adams songs ("Winding Wheel" and "Come Pick Me Up" are two more highlights), and he nails them all. The two musicians are good buddies. Ryan Adams actually shares a songwriting credit for the Counting Crows song "Los Angeles" (it's about when AD and Ryan lived in L.A. together).

I've been making plans for this summer, and I'm so ready for summer to arrive. And we're only at the halfway point of the school year. And this winter is brutal and seems never-ending. Ugh.

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