Thursday, August 19, 2010

"I'll eat you up, I love you so." ~where the wild things are

The waterworks always kick in by that line when I'm watching that movie.

I have two new babies. They're crazy full of energy and they're curious and loveable and wonderful. Be warned: you are going to see a LOT of kitty picspams here in the near future. They're 2.5 months old and their names are Casey (full name Colonel John Casey; sometimes he goes by Colonel) and Jasper. Colonel Casey is mostly white and Jasper is mostly Apricot. Here they are:

Maybe Casey likes his namesake? Returning the thumbs-up with a paws-up?
It looks like Casey might have his namesake's "natural born killer" instinct.
But really, they're buddies.
Who love to hang together. Literally. They love hanging from the sofa, and I keep waiting for them to fall.


Anonymous said...

the cutest kittens ever

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