Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"We’ll stay inside 'til somebody finds us, do whatever the TV tells us, stay inside our rosy-minded fuzz for days. We’ll stay inside 'til somebody finds us, do whatever the TV tells us, stay inside our rosy-minded fuzz. So worry not, all things are well. We’ll be alright, we have our looks and perfume." ~the national

Since the year is almost over, I think it's time to think back on some of the highlights of my 2009. The year has had it's ups and downs, and it's not over yet, but here are some of the ups:

1. Visiting friends
In April, two friends from Europe (whom I had never met before) came and stayed with me for a week, and I loved every minute I spent with them. A friend from Texas was also here, along with a few other girls from various places. Basically it was a great big FF meeting. We saw Guys and Dolls on Broadway together, got some great stage door stories, and just had a lot of fun. This year I met eleven different FF friends who came to New York. Eleven! That's a lot. And it was so cool to meet them all in person, because I've gotten to know some of them well and feel close to them. Here are some of us (thanks to Denise for photoshopping the holiday spirit into the photo!) (and if any of you in the photo object to it being posted here, let me know):

2. My teacher friends
In the past two years I've became really close with two teachers at my school who are my age. Roseann and I obviously see each other at school every day and then we end up talking on the phone a few nights a week. I just got off the phone with her after having a 2-hour conversation. And that's normal. We talk about school and guys and just about everything. She knows exactly what I'm going through at school, and I need someone to talk to who understands. Lauren is my other close school friend; she's my literary buddy. We lend each other books and talk about Margaret Atwood and Michael Chabon and other favorite writers of ours. We see movies together because we have similar tastes. And she's another person who understands. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have these two girls at school with me. All I know is that I would not be happy at all. I'm so thankful they're in my life. There are also other teachers at school with whom I'm close and on whom I depend. It's funny, but I'm good friends with a few of the older male teachers (there are no young male teachers). They've become mentors to me. So although I have big problems at my school, I have people who support me and who understand and who sympathize with me. And I'm very grateful for them. It's been wonderful getting to know them.

3. Concerts
Wow, what a year for concerts. It was simply amazing how many fabulous bands I got to see. Highlights (I'm limiting myself to five, although there are more):
1. The 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concerts - Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby, Stills, & Nash, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Aretha Franklin, Jeff Beck, Metallica, U2, Mick Jagger, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Smokey Robinson, John Legend, B.B. King, Sting, Billy Joel, Sam Moore, John Fogerty, Darlene Love, the Black Eyed Peas, Annie Lennox, Lenny Kravitz, Buddy Guy, Lou Reed, Ray Davies. Yeah. All in two nights. I know. Unbelievable, right? And I got to meet Bono after night 2.
2. Saturday Night Rebel Rockers Traveling Circus & Medicine Show - Counting Crows, Augustana, and Michael Franti & Spearhead. 20 people onstage together in what was the highlight of my summer. Seriously an amazing night.
3. U2 - Giants Stadium. GA. What else is there to say, really?
4. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - I saw the last three shows at Giants Stadium. Three shows in one week, and I got to see him play straight through two of his best albums ("Born to Run" and "Born in the U.S.A."). I went once with Nic, once with Bill, and once by myself. Every night was different and special in its own way. Truly a magical week.
5. Snow Patrol - the Beacon Theatre. I met my friends Bill and Amy that night and had a great time with them. Snow Patrol played all my favorite songs of theirs.

That's all for now. I may add more, but right now I need to get ready for bed. I need to remember this list tomorrow because I'm sure it will be a long day and I will lose my patience. But I am lucky and I have had some great experiences this year and I hope that next year will bring more.

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Katka said...

Hee, yay for NY. It was defintelly the best thing that happend to me this year too. It was so much fun. I miss the week and I miss you too!!
and Im glad you have someone to lean on at work!!
The concerts are awesome.I´ve been only at two this year.