Tuesday, November 02, 2010

"You twist and whisper the wrong name, I don't care nor do my ears. Twist yourself around me, I need company I need human heat. I need human heat." ~frightened rabbit

I had a great weekend. On Saturday afternoon my brother arrived and we went out to dinner at Vynl, one of my favorite restaurants. Then we met up with my friend Leah for the Frightened Rabbit concert. I've seen them live before and I'm always impressed with what a good live show they put on. I just love their music so much, and seeing them play it live and singing along is just so much fun. We were in the center of the front row, so we had a perfect view. I filmed the whole show, and you can watch it here. I want to post a few songs here, but it's impossible to choose just a few. I'll give it a shot, anyway. I apologize for my singing. I couldn't help myself. Sometimes it's me you're hearing, and sometimes it's the girl next to me.

Good Arms vs. Bad Arms: What can I say? This song is heartbreaking and gorgeous.

The Twist: This one was really cool because Scott invited people wearing Halloween costumes to come dance on the stage during the song. It's also a fabulous song.

Don't Go Breaking my Heart feat. Craig Finn of The Hold Steady: Yeah, Craig Finn showed up. I was stoked. I love him (I just saw The Hold Steady in concert a few weeks ago). I love his dancing. What an amazing combination of talent in this performance.

Keep Yourself Warm: I love this song. I can't help but think of a certain Chuck episode when I hear it. What was cool, though, was that Scott sung a snippet of The National's "Bloodbuzz Ohio" at the end. You know how much I love The National.

Poke: And finally, a video that I didn't film but that I have to include. I told Leah and Brett before the concert that the only song I cared about hearing was "Poke." I've heard all my other favorites live before. I wanted "Poke." And Craig played it. By himself, with his acoustic guitar. And it was indescribably amazing to me. But for some reason that was the one song that I didn't film; I don't know what happened, my recorded screwed up. I was a bit devastated. Luckily someone else got it, though. My brother is the guy with the bald head, and I'm in front of him.

Really, though, go watch all the videos when you have time. It was such a good concert.

I extracted audio from my videos, so here it is:
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I'm devoting this post to Frightened Rabbit, so I'll try to post about the play I saw on Sunday tomorrow.

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