Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Wake wake up, get out o' your head. You gotta wake wake up, get out o' your head. You got a lot to live, you got a lot to live for. So bye bye bye misery. I'm gonna cut you into three and I'm gonna stay, I'm gonna stay." ~nico stai

Acoustic version:

Original version:

This is all I have in me right now. This song. It was used in last night's episode of Chuck, which is now my favorite episode of the show (in the three-and-a-half seasons it's had so far). I can't even tell you how brilliant Yvonne Strahovski was last night. She deserves an Emmy for this episode. If you're not watching Chuck, start now. Trust me. It's in it's fourth season right now and it's better than ever. I've been raving about it since the pilot aired (I was a fan from the beginning), and it's my favorite show ever. Yes, ever.

The acoustic version of this song is the one that was used in the episode, but the original version is also gorgeous. Seriously, Josh Schwartz is so unbelievably talented at using the best music in his TV shows. I watch/have watched all of his shows, and I still can't get over the use of music.

Now go and listen to this song over and over (both versions).


JAMES said...

Hi Claire! I just watched Chuck S04E09 and i couldn't agree with you more about it. That song is stuck in my head right now and until i find an mp3 of it, i wont stop.

Where did u get it? There are just a lot of good songs used in the show from "fresh feeling" to "bears" and now, this "wake wake up" song. Tnx in advance for the help. Like u, Im a Chuckaholic =)


Claire said...

Hi James, Hopefully you see this comment and the file works for you. I'm happy to help out a fellow Chuck fan (and one with good taste in music). :) This is the acoustic version (the one from the show); let me know if you want the other one.

JAMES said...

Tnx so much Claire for the link! Ahhhhh.... such a feel good song... lovin it. Do u remember "Freeze and Explode" by Cassettes Wont Listen? Also from Chuck. I didnt let the day pass until i got a copy of the song.
Can u send me the link as well for the full band ver? Just so you'd know, music is the food for my soul

Claire said...

Yep, they used "Freeze and Explode" in one of my favorite episodes (Chuck vs. the Suburbs)!
Here's the full band version of Miss Friday: http://www.sendspace.com/file/l2434a

JAMES said...

Btw, if you want to listen to "Feel Good" music for 90 minutes straight, check out my not-your-usual-mixtape at http://soundcloud.com/mikki_finch/90-minutes-with-jamie =) Hope you'll like it.

k3rm377 said...

Absolutely brilliant!
I can't agree with you more about Chuck. I have never seen a better show. Thank you so much for finding the music because it was stuck in my head. That episode has to be by far my favorite.

Thomas said...

Hi Claire, thx alot for posting this, it took some searching but finally i found the song, thanks to you :)

Personally i couldn't agree with you more, Yvonne has never played better, and she moved me deeply (which has never ever happened to me before just by watching a movie/reading a book)

I really love her, and the series is definitely my favourite, i love Chuck, and would probably do anything to meet Yvonne in real life.

Greetings from Overseas!

JAMES said...

Hi Claire! Howr u? There's this song from Chuck S04E18 where the lyrics goes "It's not the end, it's not the end"... is it The One AM Radio's Ticking Heart? And do you happen to have an mp3 of it? I tried searching online but can't seem to find where to get it. Many thanks!

Ana said...

this is probably extremely after the fact but the song that says "its not the end it's not the end" is the song The One AM Radio's Ticking Heart.

mkhetpal said...

Hey.... Can you give me the link to the song in s04e09 one of the most wonderful songs in chuck.... Also if u guys havent heard of it.... There is "Living a Lie" also used in chuck one of the most beautiful songs...
Please send me the link as soon as possible...