Monday, December 10, 2012

"Men like me can never change, men like you can never change. No, 24601. My duty's to the law - you have no rights, come with me 24601. Now the wheel has turned around, Jean Valjean is nothing now. Dare you talk to me of crime, and the price you had to pay? Every man is born in sin, every man must choose his way. You know nothing of Javert, I was born inside a jail. I was born with scum like you. I am from the gutter, too." ~~les miserables (kretzmer, boublil, & natel)
AAAAAHHHHHHH. There are no words for how much I love this. It's from Russell Crowe's recent concert at Joe's Pub (with special guest Hugh Jackman). This is one of my favorite songs from Les Mis. I'm so sad I wasn't there, but thanks so much to the uploader. Fun fact: Javert (played by Russell Crowe in the upcoming movie) is my favorite character in Les Mis. I love Javert. I get him.

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